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Our   Top 2  Picks   for Best Pet Insurance are...

The Best Pet insurance may help make the difference!

*Don't underestimate the importance of Pet insurance for your loving pets. Pet insurance adds "peace of mind".
*Our pets are as much a part of our family as are our children. And they are much more dependant on us for their every need.
*Can you imagine having to let your baby "go" because you couldn't afford the care?
*Think about it... pet insurance is affordable! Especially if taken out when your pet is at a young age.

The Best Pet Insurance ... Don't our pet "kids" deserve it?

by Terry A. Whitehead

As veterinarian costs increase, pet insurance is becoming more and more popular.

Pet insurance is an affordable way to make sure your pets get the best possible medical care, and it is very easy to obtain an insurance quote online.

Pet insurance is a product that offers pet owners the opportunity to manage the unknown financial risk associated with their pet’s future healthcare costs through the payment of a simple, affordable monthly or annual premium by paying all, or a portion of, a veterinary visit.

Pet insurance is filling a critical need and is nothing new; it has been around for almost 30 years now and is also widely popular in many countries in Europe.

One of the benefits of having pet insurance is that many of the policies available cover not only emergency care but also routine expenses such as vaccinations and routine surgery such as neutering and spaying which is why pet insurance is perfect for owners who deeply love their pets and consider them part of their family, like children.

Best Pet Insurance for Dogs

Dogs cost more than cats to insure, and you sometimes pay extra for pedigree pets and bigger dogs.

Dogs can have the same symptoms as humans do to allergies.

An Embrace pet insurance policy protects cats and dogs from genetic conditions, chronic illnesses, accidents and illnesses, and more.

Get a pet insurance quote for your cat or dog today and experience the Embrace difference.

For instance, if your dog breaks her leg, you may have to pay a $100 deductible, and then a percentage of the bill for a copay. But given the costs associated with advances in medical technology, from MRIs to advanced cancer treatments, it's worth looking into -- especially in case of catastrophic accident or illness.

Nearly all companies' premiums are based on your dog's age, and some policies will insure dogs for accident-only coverage after they reach the age of 8 or 10 years.

Elderly dogs are far more likely to be stricken by cancer than young ones, and this is one situation where insurance can make the difference between life and death for your pet.

Best Pet Insurance for Cats

Cats are living longer lives thanks to dedicated care from their humans, and advances in veterinary medicine.

Policies are generally less expensive for kittens and premiums may increase for older cats.

Financial concerns often cause cat owners to make a decision to euthanize their cats when unexpected and unaffordable expenses take place.

Some packages are comprehensive, including such things as: annual checkups and vaccinations, routine care, preventive medications (like Heartworm preventive) and spay/neuter surgeries.

Cat health insurance may help protect your purebred when needed most.

The only catch is that sometimes you can only go to a veterinarian who is involved in the program, the equivalent of a "preferred provider physician.

Best Pet Insurance Companies

Companies may refuse to take breeds that are prone to hereditary diseases like hip dysplasia in golden retrievers and German Shepherds. Other companies will not cover hereditary conditions.

Most companies start policies at age 6-8 weeks, some have no age limit.

As for pre-existing conditions, some companies will allow coverage if the animal is stable or controlled (usually after a waiting period of 3 to 12 months), other companies will refuse animals with current conditions or terminal disease.

Some pet insurance companies surcharge for certain breeds, including Newfs, because of the higher costs of medicine, etc.

For exotic animals and other uncommon pets competitive insurance quotes are best sought through companies that specialize in insuring these types of creatures.

Usually the owner will usually pay the amount due to the Vet, and then send in the claim form and receive reimbursement, which some companies and policies limit according to their own schedule of necessary and usual charges and some companies require that a flat deductible be paid, while others require that a percentage of each visit be covered by the client.

Although having pet insurance is a very important part of health care, it is essential that we choose the right insurance policy enabling us to keep our pets safe and healthy and leading happy and active lives.

As a typical pet owner knows, these pets are like our children. They snuggle their ways into our hearts and they are there to stay. It is almost unbearable to not be able to treat one of our "children" due to lack of money. THAT is why pet insurance is so desireable to most of us.